Banana Fana Wha ?

January 4, 2012

OK…I did NO baking over the holidays so there was no excuse not to whip something simple up from a surplus of ripe bananas. Luckily I found this recipe card from Starbucks to help. Easy enough to accomplish with hand utensils ( my favorite being this olive wood paddle/spoon/? from Williams-Sonoma)…no power needed in prep.  And 45-60 minutes later your have this beauty! Simple enough. Quiet enough.

A quick note: I in no way had the two tablespoons of buttermilk…but, half and half with a splash of cider vinegar stood in nicely. Again, simple.

2 Responses to “Banana Fana Wha ?”

  1. Janet O. Says:

    Just have to try that banana bread!
    You’re on your way with this blog thing. No stopping you now!

  2. I will have to try this recipe as well…

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