Power breakfast

May 30, 2013

There is no better way to start a summer morning than with this simplequietmodern power breakfast. And, it couldn’t be easier. Hard boiled egg whites and avocado cut into chunks…some coarse black pepper, coarse salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Really, that’s it. If you’d still rather have a donut with your morning Joe, then offset it with this as a healthy lunch. One Hass avocado and two hard-boiled eggs will serve two with no cholesterol and monounsaturated good fat that may actually lower your blood cholesterol levels. Powerful stuff, huh?egg_avac5FeWhts2Faavac_eggWht_pepprF

at 3:00 PM * today and take part in honoring our fallen troops in a National Moment of Remembrance. dnflgF

* local time.

3500 yards

May 24, 2013

That’s a lot of yarn…a lot of knitting. Before the heat of summer rolls in it might be a good time to re-start the sweater I had begun to think about last Summer for last Winter. My intentions were good but, you know, life happens and some things just need to be put on hold. A  birthday gift of the materials required  for this project is just what was needed to get things kick-started. On your mark…get set…Copy of Oak4Foak_swatch_stxFadjstoakswatch2F

Muscari. Grape Hyacinths. Tiny floral jewels popping up in the spring soon after the crocus. But, this year? What happened? It might have been Spring’s late start or the rollercoaster of low to high temperatures every other day that held them off. Whatever it was, they’re here now…in waves of violet-blue against the chalky white of the birch…the fresh green of new grass. Time to grab a handful to bring indoors before the lawn crew comes and ….well, you know, that’ll be the end of that. And, what a perfect container in this Mid-Century piece of  Murano glass. My favorite vase shape, a cylinder, allows the hyacinths to arrange themselves when simply dropped in. I usually only pull this out to showcase Spring’s first daffodils, but when I noticed the similarity of the Muscari florets to the broken canes captured in this ” end of day” mix, well…it was a no-brainer.GrpHycHng_grayFMurno_grpHycMrno-GrpHycClsF

Field of Dreams

May 18, 2013

Well, my tile dreams at least. Maybe yours as well if you are looking for a surface material that is just right for your simplequietmodern project. It might be a bath or powder room application, exterior detail or focal point on your classic modern residence or a simple back splash in the kitchen renovation you have been waiting too long for. The place to start is Heath Ceramics…then go directly to their classic field tiles. The selection seems endless between the tile shapes and sizes and then the numerous glazes. Even for the smallest project this might be the time to seek the help of an interior design professional to help you wade through and skillfully edit the selections to what would be most suitable for your application. The simplequietmodern choice is any of the classic oblongs tiles stacked vertically or horizontally, narrowest grout lines possible with a matte glaze in any of the stoney neutrals, the new double glaze in the gun metal /chalk combination or the classic mid-century modern white. When you go with a product that has been turning heads and winning awards since the middle of the last century you can be sure that your gorgeous result will bring that aesthetic history home well into the next.Edit_Bath-custom-Cranbrook-T-Williams-B-Tsien-M-Morancrop_Heqath_fieldVariation-jade-seafoam-Margarido-M-Kaseman

In another lifetime,

May 15, 2013

I must have been a monk. What else but familiarity with a monastic life would  explain my constant attraction to the simplest of plank tables?  A few long unfinished wooden boards and you have a gathering spot for eating, playing games, working out the details of a project or planning your future. A quick wipe with a damp cloth when you’re done and before you know it a patina has developed giving just a hint of the history that took place there. Nothing fancy, a bit organic, but definitely simplequietmodern.

Copy of woodtable_grt_blackeiffel4668005707_6505975a9e_b

If  you are lucky enough to find a table with as much age and character as the one here seen on   http://blackeiffel.blogspot.com/ , a few Bertoia dining chairs will complement it nicely.



Thanks Mom

May 12, 2013

Even after they’re spent she keeps them around… a reminder of the special connection you have. It’s a Mom thing. whtprrtsdriedFCopy of pnkpeonyf