Love it…Hate it

October 30, 2013

I fall into the “hate it” group when it comes to Halloween. Don’t ask me why…just do. Maybe it’s the cheezy costumes and ” dressing up” that I find unappealing. The treats? Now, that’s another thing completely. Who doesn’t love an annual dose of candy corn or better yet something homemade,… without a trace of orange or black…like these Butterscotch Crunch bars. A quick mix of a few ingredients you most likely have on hand , ten minutes in the oven and your are done. Fair warning: make two batches




The simple recipe can be found here. I added a sprinkle of  kosher salt over top as they were cooling which seemed to round out the rich sweetness.


…the guest room. Isn’t that what it should be? A place to relax…regroup…recharge. If you are daunted by the idea of pulling together a space to house holiday visitors…well, relax. Take a simplequietmodern cue from the room illustrated. Simple furnishings…intentionally spare…warm relaxed color. A bed, a chair and side table are all the basics you’ll need and a weekend project provides a fresh coat of paint. Add a luxurious natural linen bed cover and pillowcases and, well, you are pretty much done. It’s important to remember that when keeping things this simple each piece needs to be the best it can be…make the investment in good linens and make the furniture selections something you would use or sit on yourself everyday. Now, while you’re waiting for those guests to arrive, take it for a test run … you know, just to exhale and celebrate a job well done.


Copy of mummysclothF

Copy of RobbsJ_Tripod4F

From the top:

Photo via

Donghia Textiles Mummy’s Cloth, 100% linen weave

Another weekend adventure might produce a vintage Robsjohn-Gibbings walnut end table…which will be a stunner after a bit of finish attention. Nicely proportioned to use as a night table and easily moved for double duty next to a chair.


Knit One

October 24, 2013

The Brioche scarf…pure simple, pure quiet, pure modern. Start one now for yourself and there will still be time to make a couple more before the holidays…for those extra special gifts. Knit up in their new line weight merino wool yarn from Purl Soho you are sure to find something you’ll love from the selection of pale to dark neutrals, pastels or brights. If you can’t make up your mind you cannot go wrong with the Oyster Gray or Toasted Charcoal. Laura’s pattern is posted on their site as well so there is no excuse to delay…they’ve got you covered with everything you need to get started.




photos courtesy of Purl Soho


October 21, 2013

Jaxon and I took a drive in the country instead of lunch today, heading for the spot where I annually gather a bag full of Osage oranges. An October ritual that provides me with my fix of chartreuse and my natural spider repellant. Upon arrival at our destination I found only one…but it was a beauty. So back to the office we go, pleased that our pleasant road trip was not a total loss. Then, less then a mile from where we started our little adventure I saw another on the gravel shoulder… I pulled over. When I bent to pick it up I spotted, nestled in the soft grasses of a ditch, over two dozen more, glowing from beneath the fading Rhoadsidiana. A great haul, a nice little midday break and some time with my bud…it seemed like old times.



“Consider the Daffodil…

October 18, 2013

…and while you’re doing that I’ll be over here looking through your stuff”*   Seriously, if you want to see Daffodils in your world come Spring, the time to plant them is now. And to keep it simplequietmodern, forget the neat clusters in beds and borders and toss the bulbs by the handful across your lawn and plant them where they randomly fall. There they will naturalize into welcome drifts of the best yellow ever officially proclaiming the end of Winter.


*Jack Handy

I’ll take Manhattan

October 15, 2013

If it worked for Ralph Lauren in the Manhattan apartment Angelo Donghia designed for him and his family back in the  80’s…just think what this re-issued classic will do for you no matter where you live. When I first saw these pieces I thought they were simplequietmodern perfection. Clean lined and generously proportioned, the chaise, armless section and ottoman in Donghia Furnitures Manhattan group have been designed to provide endless seating combinations. Add the mind-blowing collection of Donghia Textiles into the mix and the options are staggering. My personal choice is very close to the original…a simple solid ground…creating the perfect baseline for any room no matter what style direction it takes.


Copy 2of ManhattanDonghiastandard1  vintage photo courtesy of Donghia

Still Grillin’

October 12, 2013

I just can’t get enough Chimichurri sauce. And, like the Argentinians, I’ll take it on anything grilled, any time, and then some. This simple condiment of parsley, mint, and garlic will extend summer freshness well into fall. Most traditionally used on grilled meat of any kind like grilled sausages, a rib eye or lamb, why not try it spooned over some late summer heirloom tomatoes, oven roasted new potatoes or even alongside a simple quesadilla?