November 30, 2013

I love maple syrup. And, I love walnuts. It’s also no secret that a recipe that knocks it outta the park with the fewest  possible ingredients works for me on every possible level. So,you can imagine how excited I was when I ran across this recipe for Maple Cayenne Glazed Walnuts. Four ingredients…one pan…ten minutes. Done. You’ll definitely want to be multiplying this recipe for use over ice cream, in a salad, added to a cheese tray or just to have more to snack on. If I received a smartly wrapped batch of these as a holiday gift I would not be disappointed.






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You might see your glass…

November 26, 2013

half empty. I run into people daily who whine and complain about all of the gifts in their lives that, seriously, they have no reason to have but for the grace of God. Their glass is never quite full enough. Well, on this Thanksgiving it might do them well, particularly when there are so many with so little, to be thankful that they have a glass…and, that there is something in it. If you woke up this morning and took a breath…give thanks. If you have been blessed with wealth or excellent health, give thanks. If you have simply experienced beauty or kindness in the most unexpected place, give thanks.



Just Press Play

November 23, 2013

Have I mentioned how much I love Pandora?  Well, I do. And, I love it even more now that I have simplified my Christmas and holiday listening by setting a few stations…like Classic Christmas…and pressing play. An endless loop will keep a festive background without the need to sort through your collection of old discs and organizing a play list. Imagine selecting your own station of holiday favorites eliminating the need to listen to your local FM station and suffering through repeated assualts of Burl Ives’ “Holly Jolly Christmas”  or Elmo and Patsy’s version of ” Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”. Pandora…definitely simplequietmodern.





Home Stretch

November 20, 2013

Eighteen hundred yards in and a few hundred more to go before binding off, it’s nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, with the holidays drawing nearer, it’ll be nice to have this off the sticks. I gotta say, it’s a big thick lapful of linen blanket…and it’s shown folded in half.




November 17, 2013

Sometimes you just need a little shine on your shoes to get you off on the right foot. And, it doesn’t get any shinier than this… a classic lace up oxford in patent leather by Gucci.  They make me smile just looking at them. I think I’d need two pair cuz I’d wear them every day… with some beat up jeans and a black  turtleneck or crew. The simplequietmodern anchor to my seasonal uniform.



photo: BergdorfGoodman

Eat Up

November 14, 2013

A hearty comforting hash of potatoes, baby Portobellos, onions and green pepper is just the ticket for these cooler ( OK…COLD ) days that are now upon us. Easily prepared in advance, the ingredients can be combined and tossed together with a final salt & pepper adjustment. I like this by itself for lunch or topped with poached eggs for dinner, but it’s also great used as an omelet filling or as a side to roast pork or chicken. You can add some Brussels Sprouts or Winter squash to the mix or glam it up with a crumble of goat cheese and a sprinkle of herbs…but for now, let’s keep it simple.



Chunky Autumn Hash recp

Red. Most definitely red.

November 11, 2013

What other choice is there? When Santa is done with his marathon trip around the globe on Christmas Eve, he should be coming home to this…the Ch 410 Heritage Lounge Chair and Ottoman designed by Fritz Henningsen. And, in red mohair velvet from Donghia with walnut legs, this early Danish Modern design from 1930 will have Santa relaxing stylishly well into 2030. Maybe you need to add this to your Christmas wish list. Have you been this good?








chair photos: Hive


They Just Make Good Scents

November 8, 2013

 A cracking fire, a fresh-cut tree or a festive blend of citrus and spices…all aromas we remember from season to season and crave as the holidays grow closer. You can help things along early as I do and burn one of these a few minutes in the morning and again for a few when returning at the end of the day…starting now. The Fireside Candle from Bath and Body Works is a favorite…warm and smoky without smelling like the living room is in flames or the Heath Ceramics Red Suede candle cup scented with evergreens. Their fragrances will not only relax you but quietly kick-start your Christmas spirit. 



candle cup photo: Heath


these Stargazer Lights from Terrain will illuminate the holidays magically. For use both inside and out, in lengths from 6 to 100 feet. The flexible copper wire can be wrapped around tree limbs, wound through evergreen garlands or simply gathered en masse inside a tall glass cylinder vase to great effect … their  tiny sparks casting a warm inviting glow. Now where’s that list? Holiday lights…done.


stargazer lights_teraine

stargazer lights_terrain2crpt

Photos: Terrain

What a difference…

November 2, 2013

an hour can make.  It’s time to turn the clock back tonight which will find you in the dark come 5 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.  Coming home at the end of the day in the dark…to the dark…is a reminder of how long and dark Winter actually is. A simplequietmodern solution might come in a pendant light cord kit or two from Color Cord Company. Select from the amazing selection of cloth covered wire, plugs, line switches and sockets and add a bulb of your choice. Then, install your new fixture anywhere you might have the need for additional light. Add a shade or leave the bulb exposed…hardwire in or plug in and secure its location with a couple of screw hooks…this illuminating DIY will have things brightened up in no time. You can up the voltage on this project by making a cord selection of bright orange, red, hot pink or tourquoise or, stick to the classic neutrals of black, white, gray or brown. With 27 colors of cloth covered wire available by the foot, you might also be inspired to re-wire that vintage modern lamp you’ve just picked up.