Shifting gears

March 30, 2012

As the days get longer and the temperature rises it’s time to look into that transition to Spring. Trade in the snow shovel for a rake and ice melt for fertilizer…assess the damage done by Mother Nature ( or the deer ) and get to work on a game plan. I’ve learned to keep things simple to maximize the enjoyment yard work can bring , which includes gathering my favorite tools to get the job done. I’d be lost without my leather gloves( , my wheelbarrow and my burn permit. First up…cut back all the blue dune grass, gather the fallen branches and light ’em up.

From this…

March 28, 2012

to this. Who knew a pile of discarded tires could be repurposed as the top on this simple and striking coffee table? That’s some modern thinking… with a simple and quiet result. Perfect. And, at 60″ w  14″ d 17″ h this stunner can do double duty as an ample bench. Singly or in pairs “Retread” is ready to enhance your design statement while reducing your carbon footprint. How ’bout that?

table  photo: Jake M Richardson

G’s Bolognese

March 26, 2012

On the cheap. Really. The economy is struggling with a comeback but there is no reason to go hungry. For yourself or guests this recipe knocks it outta the park for less than $5…no kidding. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

can easily become the catalyst for your next interior design project, as this lake side residence illustrates. Pulling the outdoor colors in visually expands this space, blurring the confines of walls and windows. Crucial editing of furniture and accessories keeps the room’s design lean and modern…even when occupied by family and friends, the dog and that growing  pile of mail.

Once I got used to the idea of knitting an eyelash with dental floss my GRAPHITE scarf was like “knitting yoga”…an almost Zen experience. Using HABU silk wrapped stainless steel knit together with their root sizing silk ( and a triangular scarf pattern for inspiration ( ) I was deep into it…and more than once. The result  was as interesting as I had imagined…light, airy and sophisticated. Over a turtleneck, with a white shirt or to fill in the neckline of a blazer or jacket…Graphite is an accessory scarf to transition to the warmer months ahead. And, as always…the best in simple, quiet and modern.

Naturally green

March 15, 2012

If you look a little closer you may find tucked behind the buckets of hideously dyed green carnations, that seem to be everywhere for St. Patrick’s Day, a small yet natural surprise…miniature carnations in natural green. A simpler, softer green…a fresh green.  For a couple of dollars you can take home a bunch to salute your Irish kin and still have them around to usher you into April while enjoying their spicy fragrance. Simply cut them short and mass them in a glass of fresh water.

It’s not what goes in-

March 14, 2012

to a design that makes it good…it’s what’s left out.

 ” The camel is a horse made by committee” * is a maxim that can be applied to any creative endeavor you may undertake, from a complete re-design of your environment to getting dressed in the morning. Stop, take a deep breath, reel it in…then remove something. Now you’re on your way to a result that is simple and quiet…and that makes it modern.

*Vogue 1956

White’s the new Black

March 11, 2012

With the change of time to Daylight Savings, it’s a great opportunity to shed some new light on things at home. While most people agree that a shot of black in an interior is simply great punctuation, I can’t help myself from shaking it up. Do a 180 and you land at white, the color that your eyes recognize first. White accessories bring a new freshness home while presenting everyday items in an elegant new way. White will highlight both the simplicity of the design as well as the most complex detail. My favorite whites can be matte, satin or high gloss on everything from picture frames to pottery. As you set the clocks ahead use the opportunity to see where something white could breathe new life into your space.  for these simple cups and the Neutra house numbers.

You say potato…

March 10, 2012

I say I can’t wait for summer. I need a fix now! Gather up a few redskins, some spring onions, a couple of hard boiled eggs, celery and radishes. You are all set my friend…while the potaoes are boiling you can prep  your vegetables and mix up that dressing. Toss it all together and you’ve got potato salad…winter for me is now officially over, no matter what the calendar says. SIMPLE. I love this alone for lunch…but hey, did someone say ribs???

Daffodils…even after a mild winter, there is nothing quite like the arrival of daffoldils with their promise of rebirth and new beginnings. Can there be a more perfect yellow? The birth flower for March, they dot the near black and white late winter landscape with their electricity. Share a bunch with a friend to ensure  happiness and good fortune. A hot cross bun or two couldn’t hurt either…it is Lent after all.