It’s not art…

June 23, 2012

it’s a T.V.  Come on people…enough already. What’s with hanging the flat panel television over the fireplace?  It’s not a painting.  It’s ill-placed for comfortable viewing. So what’s the draw? Unless you like sitting in the first row at the movie theatre I can’t imagine you sitting on your sofa, grabbing your remote and focusing your sights on a picture centered 7o” off the floor. Exhibit A…ouch! ( Let’s leave it at the television placement for now.)  A better idea is to leave the area above your mantle empty and save yourself a few trips to the chiropractor.

One Response to “It’s not art…”

  1. I have always wondered why people do that to themselves. And why would you even want to watch TV when you have the fire dancing beautifully underneath?

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