Foreign Correspondence

August 19, 2012

In these days of email, texts and tweets the simple yet welcome gesture of a hand written note has all but dissappeared…a foreign exercise to most people. But, when the need arises don’t be caught short as  I nearly did when I recently had an occasion to send a simple note. A quiet white-on-white embossed card is my personal stationery of choice ( available at Neiman Marcus and surprisingly cost-effective at a little over $1 per card including an embossed envelope) and if I need something with a bit more flourish I always have a white-on-white floral repousse’ card from Hallmark on hand. Both are the simplequietmodern choice  suitable for a condolence note, wedding wishes or just to reach out with a kind word. A little planning and you will always be ready to make the greatest personal statement… with just a whisper.

2 Responses to “Foreign Correspondence”

  1. cauchy09 Says:

    oh, yes! i love to write letters. and it is becoming a lost art. so sad. you have gorgeous elegant stationery, of course.

  2. sclues Says:

    yes, beautifully elegant indeed!

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