It’s not too early

October 15, 2012

to get those holiday plans committed to paper. Lists for invitations, cards to be sent, ingredients to be purchased or projects around the house to complete…it’s all easier to accomplish once you have committed it to paper. That makes it real, do-able…and you have a punch list to strike off as each task is complete. By the time December 1st comes you’ll be so far ahead of the game you can easily roll with the punches of a changed plan, or relax with a smart cocktail as you await the magic.

One Response to “It’s not too early”

  1. Oh! I wish I could do this… but there are so many other things, so many balls still up in the air that need to be caught. I am looking forward though to a chilly night when I can sit by the fire, looking at some beautiful snow-covered trees outside my window, with a good puppy sleeping next to my chair and a glass of good mulled wine on the table…holiday planning!

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