The Dreaded Gift Exchange

December 16, 2012

Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap, Chinese Auction…you know them…you have come to hate them. C’mon, it’s Christmas…and there is really no getting around them. So how about a fresh take? Keep your dollar amount to ten and keep the gifts limited to something consumable. At first thought it seems like it can’t be done but these limitations provide the incentive to really crank up (or down) the creavitity factor. I’ve used this format for family gatherings and everyone , from teens to the oldest generation, had a blast. Oddly enough the shopping portion seemed to be the most fun for everyone…resulting in items like smoked sea salt, Amish butter, vintage sodas and an assortment of Hostess pastries ( which to me was the funniest). In the end, when all of the picking, swapping,opening and trading is done everyone will have had a great time, no one went into debt and no one had to make a trip to the Dollar Store. Yippee!boxw_brch2Fgiftw2BallsA_F

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