The color of wood…

March 17, 2013

is as an important consideration as any of the other color decisions you might be required to make when working on a design project. Yet, for some reason, many treat ” wood” as a neutral, giving it little if any consideration in the overall plan. This very simply could be the reason so many are disenchanted with their environments once completed. And, the biggest mistake is making the wrong decision on the hardwood floor…the first and most important decision. Because there is so much of it, if the color is “off ” then it is “off ” in every room that floor color anchors. Even at a glance, the samples below clearly state their tonalities…Gray, Black Brown, Orange, Dark Rust, Blush, Sand. By looking at them in terms of color it’s easier to see how each of the wood colors will react with paint, fabric choices and casegood finish selections. It’s simple really…no harder than pulling an outfit together which you manage to do every day. Right?Copy of woodcolorFCopy2 of ardennes_shapes05_concentric_sakurasnowBlogCopy of wdclr4F driftwood_2_1

Oomph Furniture Driftwood Finish

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