Just Imagine

March 26, 2013

‘Imagine one day the hateful world around you collapses. And it is your attitude, words, and actions that put an end to it.’      ai weiwei

Could it be that simple?  It’s worth a try.

Ai Weiwei’s Instagram   

2 Responses to “Just Imagine”

  1. sara Says:

    I live near Holland Michigan and they often say, “Have a Blessed Day” when you buy groceries, go to the farmers market or pass you in the street. At first it was disconcerting. But they say it so kindly, so gently, and with such care. I soon realized it was a gift and it actually lifted my day. I now smile back and say thank you and they sometimes reach out and touch my shoulder or my arm and there is a small moment of connection. Its very nice. I might not share their religious viewpoints,or their politics but I think I am setting an example of what they might consider “the other side”. I want them to know I am reasonable, approachable and sincere in my effort to be civil and tolerant of all opinions and peoples.It begins with each of us, and it is how we demonstrate to others what we want the world to be. I know I want the “hateful world around me to collapse”…..and so I will be gentle and kind and respectful.
    (thanks gp for the reminder)

  2. Mark Ridley Says:

    It is in your attitude, words, action and
    how you live your life. It can be as simple as the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you.

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