Round Three

January 5, 2014

Another year over, indeed, completing year two of simplequietmodern. I need to take a minute here to thank all of you who stop by and check things out and those of you that follow. The sheer number of you still amazes me each day, as does the worldwide reach, making it even easier to share what I see, what I do…what I have to say. I have enjoyed every comment, every email, your support, your friendship. As the world gets more complicated and our challenges seem to get more complex I look forward to writing every post, taking every photograph, testing every recipe, and creating every project to help us all enjoy a life that is moresimplemorequietmoremodern. So, moving on to a great year three I think it might be necessary to fortify our spirit with some cake! And yes, some flowers.

ChocCkSourCrm Ganche


Mocha Chocolate Cake with Sour Cream Ganache from the Hungry Mouse…perfect. And, nothing can pull you through a nasty winter snowstorm like a simple vase of cut white hyacinths. ( cake photo: the Hungry Mouse )

5 Responses to “Round Three”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thank you, Greg-I have been reminded of the great joy white hyacinths bring. Not to mention white tulips, paperwhites, white cymbidiums….I have to get myself down to my local flower shop pronto.

  2. Janny Says:

    Just sent my sister a white flower arrangement for her birthday……keeping it simple.

  3. kirsten Says:

    Congratulations on another Blog-iversary! Well done. Thank you for providing a beautiful respite in your space here. I love visiting and sharing in the things that bring you pleasure.
    I know I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 looks like for you!

  4. sclues Says:

    it’s a pleasure to drop by and see what wonderful things you have to share. All the best for 2014 xx

  5. sara Says:

    A toast to you Greg for your spirit and enthusiasm and all the delightful, and thoughtful items you share. You have a well developed eye for what is keen and a sweet heart for sharing those thoughts that are most important.

    I am snowed in on the west coast of Michigan. Its glorious and beautiful. We have 2 ‘ and its still coming down. Thank goodness for snowflakes…the world seems to work when the heavens can send down such perfect pure little reminders how totally splendid our planet is!

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