A single sheet…

February 19, 2014

a single fold. There is no need to repeat how much I love plywood. That said, when a single sheet is manipulated with a single fold …well, I’d rather let the art speak for itself.




top to bottom:

Folded Plywood 9, Folded Plywood 6, Folded Plywood 10  Artist: Harry Roseman

All photos via Mr. Roseman’s site: http://faculty2.vassar.edu/haroseman/?p=10268

One Response to “A single sheet…”

  1. Clare Says:

    Love the plywood pieces, thanks so much for sharing it.

    I’ve been enjoying your site, BTW…it’s terrific. Friended you on Rav not too long ago. I am the gal from Napa Valley. 😉

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