Sometimes, a little order…

March 12, 2014

is all that is needed. Trees in neat rows, simple tight clipped forms, a straightforward place to rest…a small piece of soft turf like a rug anchoring the whole. A simplequietmodern look at a personal oasis contrasted against the naturalized wooded areas beyond this intimate enclosure. And after the winter we’ve had…OK, are still having… who wouldn’t want to come home to this? Mother Nature is clearly giving us the time to prepare for a space like this of our own as it doesn’t look like we will be moving outside to our own yards anytime soon.






first three photos via Gardenista

and the allee of locusts and lawn at the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana via


2 Responses to “Sometimes, a little order…”

  1. Jeff Copeland Says:

    Wow! These are beautiful, Greg. I love trees and planted 30 on my street, which changed the look of the entire block.

  2. Danne Rosenberg Says:

    After being your firend for 25 years, why am I so amazed at the this site?Beautiful. beautful.The words, the photos and your thoughts.

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