A simple, lighter spin…

May 4, 2014

on potato salad. We want to move into Spring and Summer but the weather’s still holding us back. While a  side of potatoes is comforting we want to shift into salad mode right? Isn’t it about time?  This simplified version of an Everyday Food favorite…Potatoes Vinaigrette…is the perfect simplequietmodern transition salad. Young Yukon Gold potatoes, celery and the simplest Dijon vinaigrette will get you there in no time. Served at room temperature on a cooler day or chilled when the temperatures start to rise and you’ll find that this might just be your new Summer “go to”.


Copy of potstmF



I’ve done a simple adaptation on the original recipe below by using either new white potatoes or small Yukon Gold, as much celery and celery leaves as I like…and I like alot. My vinaigrette uses only Dijon mustard, general-use olive oil and apple cider vinegar… because that is what I always have in the pantry. http://www.marthastewart.com/315005/potatoes-vinaigrette



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