Hard to believe

June 9, 2014

that this marks the 300th post here on simplequietmodern. I always knew I had a lot to share but what I didn’t know was who I’d reach , how far that reach would be or if there was anyone listening at all. Apparently this audience is global, with every continent covered and most countries checking in. Then there are those of you most special to me…who have been reading and following from the begining…in Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada and of course the States…you know who you are. Thank you for indulging me, your kind words, the laughs. You are all a great gift to me. As I queue up for the next 300 a glance back tells me that of all the photos I have taken and posted the one below was the hands down favorite. I guess I’m not surprised, it just doesn’t get any more simplequietmodern than that.





4 Responses to “Hard to believe”

  1. anatrodan Says:

    This is so great. Congrats on your 300th post, I hope to see many more. Xo

  2. Clare Says:

    I really enjoy your simple, beautiful posts and projects. Restraint done well is a rare thing. Congrats and look forward to more!

  3. Janny Says:

    Congrats Greg….. Cheers to 300 more. Oh and thanks for making this world a little more beautiful.

  4. Bobbe Says:

    right back at you, Greg… thank you so much! this is a very special site.

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