Artful Departure

October 29, 2014

Halloween. I don’t get the fascination. ” Christmas ”  lights in purple and orange, tacky decorations and even tackier costumes all based on the annual preoccupation with death and dying and all things “spooky”. The Dia de los Muertos is something else completely…honoring and celebrating the lives of those who have passed and staring death straight in the face. I’m all for that. It wouldn’t hurt to have an exit strategy in place before it’s your turn to shuffle off and save yourself from being interred in a location of someone elses choosing in a recepticle that is, well, lacking. A little preplanning can insure your artful departure.




A couple of simplequietmodern options to consider to put the final puntuation on a life well lived:

Tom Kundig’s ” Final Turn”  blackened steel funerary urn

Space burial via Conastoga:




3 Responses to “Artful Departure”

  1. Bobbe Says:

    I really like the urn. It would be stunning with the right
    plantings in the right location I think. Why wait to use
    until…. The space thing not so much. I’ve always been
    afraid of heights. I don’t see that changing!

  2. sclues Says:

    I love this. I may have to rethink my options as I was thinking of this 🙂

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