January 2, 2023

Yes, we made it through yet another tumultuous year. So rather than looking back and revisiting or rehashing things we cannot change, I’m looking forward…armed with my usual supply of fresh Sharpies, a clean sketchbook and the best attitude I can muster. I’d like this to be a year of great joy and happiness, great health and prosperity, and unlimited creativity for us all. And, a  little Champagne never hurts. Happy New Year!


photos: gp



2 Responses to “Cheers!”

  1. Gail Jenereaux Says:

    Happy New Year ! May 2023 bring us the happiness we deserve !

  2. Jessica Paul Says:

    Sharpies and champagne are a great way to start anything! Especially a new year! Love you, sweetheart! ❤️🥂

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