Hopeful and Optimistic

January 8, 2017

While many are still whining about the election results, gnashing their teeth and hoping not to hear the Trump name mentioned ( yet bringing it up themselves at every opportunity), I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic. And, with that optimism comes a vision of moving forward. Some new treads will help in that regard…what better way to put your best foot forward. So, as we see America becoming “great again”, I’m making a list that I’ll put to good use once the prosperity returns to the rust belt.






Top to bottom:

West Avenue George Boot and Adams Monk Strap Oxford from Alden

Original Achilles Low Sneaker in black from Common Projects

Madison Mariel’s Black Leather Weekend Bag

Walnut and horsehair shoe brush from Tangentgc

all photos via  http://needsupply.com/









One thing is certain,

November 8, 2016

at least half of us will be disappointed tomorrow morning. Yet, we still have to get up…go to work…and get along. Might be a good day to quietly reflect or display some random act of kindness. If the good starts at the bottom, maybe it’ll work it’s way up to the top.

It’s almost over. Vote.