Six Weeks

February 7, 2018

The remaining month and a half of Winter is plenty of time to get in gear…get motivated…get inspired. You could organize your junk drawer for starts or ponder the simplequietmodern beauty of work such as this. Rock on Top of Another Rock, 2010/2013 by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Serpentine Galleries, London.





That Reminds Me

August 10, 2013

My hedges need their mid-summer trim.


Hang it up

June 13, 2012

While vertical gardening is making a statement in municipalities on both sides of the pond, you might like to try your hand at it at home. Hung on a back fence or interior courtyard or porch wall these succulent filled panels present themselves like a living, breathing work of art. Seurat had his pointillist dots of paint…you’ll have the small green leaves in their various shades of greens, grays and reds to color your creation. Panels can be hung alone or combined for a truly impressive piece as shown.  If you get started now you have the entire summer to experience its developement. Who knows…you may take a liking to gardening “up” and decide to tackle an even more ambitious project.