Phil or no Phil…

February 1, 2015

shadow or no shadow…the official first day of Spring is still the 20th of March. Mother Nature has her own schedule and if past Winters have taught us anything, there is no point in forcing the issue. You can, however use the next six weeks to get a jump on any new design plan , changes or additions you’ve been contemplating for your yard and garden. To soften Winters grip right now, arm yourself with a pair of pruners, head out and gather up an armful of Forsythia or Quince branches to force into bloom indoors.






Indoors or out…

May 1, 2013

you are sure to find the perfect spot for these low saucer-shaped planters. My favorite planter shape, the shallow bowl, reminds me of the vintage concrete pieces that were popular in the 50’s and 60’s. And, like those earlier containers it was all about the scale…really low and really wide. These new incarnations are constructed of  UV and weather resistant plastic and measure an impressive 24″ and 36″ diameter. A dark leaden finish keeps the look modern, ready to be filled with a single variety of  annuals, a pile of egg rock and mosses  or a treatment of  simple decorative grasses. Used indoors they could be the perfect receptacle for a cluster of blooming orchids, stacks of gardening magazines or the greatest yarn bowl ever.obsid_bwl_terr28124907_001_bobsid_bwl_terr2_28124907_001_d Available at Terrain