No Time To Waste

November 9, 2017

With Christmas near upon us there is no time like now to get those Amaryllis potted up if you plan on incorporating them into your holiday decorating. If you enjoy giving them as gifts, presenting them now will ensure the receiver will be enjoying them during rather than after the holidays. The clock is ticking.

These selections from Terrain include classic white as well as more modern chartreuse  and exotic varieties.








low cost / no cost

December 9, 2014

As you start stockpiling your gift purchases also start giving some thought to your gift wrap while a treasure of free materials is staring you in the face. The crisp white tissue, softly rumpled newsprint and” green” packing materials are a great place to start getting creative. And, at no cost. The addition of a $2 ball of sisal twine and a few found objects…twigs, leaves, cones…will have you presenting gifts that will be almost too pretty to open.






Top to bottom:

Softly rumpled newsprint bound with sisal twine says simplequietmodern Christmas to me.

Maple and Oak leaves, free in nearly every yard if you want a little something extra.

The graphic black and white images of Korean comics are fun tied up with smooth white crochet cotton…just pennies at an Asian market.

Whisper thin red pine veneer from Habu Textiles makes an unforgettable impression when complimented with a simple tie of raffia and a hand marbled note.

If you’re looking for an extra bit of “holiday” in your presentation…give your completed packages a quick shot of gold paint. Psst…done. And gorgeous.

all photos: gp


To cut…or not to cut.

November 18, 2014

Could this be the year for a living Christmas tree? I know it always sounds like a good idea and your “green” intentions are always good, but somehow in the crush of it all, those good intentions take a back seat to the easiest, last-minute option. Well, take a some time to think about it now and I’ll get ya on the right path…avoiding that 11th hour visit to the tree lot or a pre-lit artificial produced in China. Many local garden centers in your area are offering potted spruce, pines and firs specifically sized for use indoors. After you’ve made your selection you need to ascertain the final planting location and pre-dig the hole before the ground freezes. My nursery suggested no more than 14 days use indoors, with gentle watering every other day, keeping the tree in a temperate location and using only cooler mini lights or LED s for illumination. Planting your tree on New Years day might even start another new tradition. While that row of perfect firs is gorgeous, my choice…Eastern White Pine. That was simple.




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