The Fall Clean Up. In order to get the maximum beauty and enjoyment from your outdoor environment next year you have to extend a little effort now. Turn that afternoon of raking and picking up fallen twigs and debris into a little creative exercise. If you need to adjust things…remove a tree or overgrown shrub, come up with an effective plan to keep the deer from tearing the place up or plant some new tulip variety to usher in next spring… take the opportunity to make those adjustments or additions now. If everything seems to be in good order why not give some thought to your holiday decorations. A bit of well spent time now will make the whole process much simpler once the holidays kick into gear. Need a little incentive? How about  whipping up a sample batch of this  Boiled  Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail  by Lillie at Butter Me Up Brooklyn…just a smart little something to add to the special blend of sights, smells and tastes that are Fall.

Shifting gears

March 30, 2012

As the days get longer and the temperature rises it’s time to look into that transition to Spring. Trade in the snow shovel for a rake and ice melt for fertilizer…assess the damage done by Mother Nature ( or the deer ) and get to work on a game plan. I’ve learned to keep things simple to maximize the enjoyment yard work can bring , which includes gathering my favorite tools to get the job done. I’d be lost without my leather gloves( , my wheelbarrow and my burn permit. First up…cut back all the blue dune grass, gather the fallen branches and light ’em up.