Five Easy Pieces II

September 30, 2013

Again, a simplequietmodern interior starting with five easy pieces…the armless sofa, 2 armchairs, 1 pair of raffia cubes for a coffee table and the folding screen. A base of pale neutrals anchored with rich peacock-blue, this room could be equally stunning if the blue were switched out for another rich color (aubergine, copper) or pulled back completely with a smoky charcoal. The selection of the French armchairs, the classic shape of the  white lamp set on a simple geometric base and the white armless sofa are reminiscent of the elegant interiors the late David Hicks created for the jet-set in the 1960’s. Even in an intimately scaled setting like this , it’s possible to achieve great style and  seating for eight with the right selections and a little judicious editing. If you’re lovin’ the “cocktail stools” pictured you might try a pair of these raffia cubes from oomph!






5 Easy Pieces, again

June 4, 2012

This space is a bit over accessorized for my taste these days, but it still started with my 5 Easy Pieces.In this project the 5 pieces needed to satisfy the needs of the client and the space were simple: 1) sofa 2) cocktail table 3) folding screen 4) ottoman and 5) lounge chair. They provided  plenty of seating with a place to set your drink as well as some dramatic camouflage for an ill placed doorway. Slowly the client’s possessions were edited and added to this bold yet neutral grouping and the result was right where they wanted to be.By switching out some of the art or collections of vintage Murano glass from the 50’s-60’s seasonally keeps things personal and fresh throughout the year.

Buying well and careful planning will ensure your completed project will provide years of enjoyment without that tell-tale ” time stamp”.