Ya gotta start somewhere.

November 30, 2022

Today I’m starting with an armload of yellow twig dogwood and white pine boughs. This should fill out my large midcentury concrete bowls at my front door nicely. A few lights and done. Moving indoors I’ve selected pics from the last ten years that can take you from simplequietmodern and natural, to vintage shiny holiday combinations. Plus a few new floral ideas to compliment a modern mood and Christmas tree alternatives that offer a great bang for the buck. The holidays are upon us, so better get on this before the supplies run out. Maybe a smart cocktail and a visit to the simplequietmodern archives for the months of November and December will help kick start a fresh holiday tradition for you.


























all photos except 3,6,7,10,13,15, 19 by gp.

Credits given in respective post accessed through the archives.




Skirting the issue…

November 26, 2012

here is never the answer. Neither is an old bed sheet tossed around the base of your Christmas tree.  Enter this woven tree skirt. It does the job of camouflaging the tree stand, and it does it with simple quiet style…especially if you are going the natural route. Around the base an untrimmed fir as illustrated…you are done and done. Or, if you must, dress it in simple white lights and a sprinkling of cones. Lovely.