October 21, 2013

Jaxon and I took a drive in the country instead of lunch today, heading for the spot where I annually gather a bag full of Osage oranges. An October ritual that provides me with my fix of chartreuse and my natural spider repellant. Upon arrival at our destination I found only one…but it was a beauty. So back to the office we go, pleased that our pleasant road trip was not a total loss. Then, less then a mile from where we started our little adventure I saw another on the gravel shoulder… I pulled over. When I bent to pick it up I spotted, nestled in the soft grasses of a ditch, over two dozen more, glowing from beneath the fading Rhoadsidiana. A great haul, a nice little midday break and some time with my bud…it seemed like old times.




If you’re lucky,

October 18, 2012

while out for a country ” color tour”  this month you might just happen upon some of these. What appears at first glance to be the remnants of a tennis ball “spill” along the roadside turns out to be one of my Fall fovorites…the Osage Orange. I look forward each year to collecting them for use as a seasonal decoration, filling bowls or vases with their bright chartreuse color and appealing texture. In a temperate interior they  can easily last for 2-3 months providing not only a great burst of color but naturally repelling spiders in the process.