Lucky 7

January 4, 2019

Seven years shot by like a bullet. Yep, simplequietmodern is celebrating its seventh anniversary. And, as usual, I like to reflect on the last year by looking at what you, the readers, were drawn to most. Black fences, concrete walls, black steel windows and doors and the Winter gardens of Piet Oudolf topped the list. Now, let’s see what will inspire us in year eight.



Could it really be a celebration without cake?

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Black Fences…

Steel windows and doors…

Concrete Wallcovering…

Piet Oudolf Winter landscapes…

Milkbar Birthday cake photo: BonAppetite…

A simplequietmodern favorite when white tulips aren’t around. photo: gp


From Falling Water to the factories of the Rust Belt, steel framed windows have both let light in and expanded our views for decades. Large paned or small, modern technology is allowing us to capture the look once again, in new construction or vintage renovation projects. The narrow sight lines, energy efficiency, UV protection and custom finishes provide the perfect window solution for your modern ranch or to inject a more modern note to a residence that has more traditional roots.







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