Setting the Table

November 18, 2017

And, what a table! In any configuration. As we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving let’s also continue to celebrate the design genius of Florence Knoll. Specifically the dining table group designed in 1961. Simple and elegant in proportion, these tables include shapes, sizes and finishes to perfectly anchor any space and satisfy every taste. Round, square, rectangular or oval…surfaces in laminate, wood or stone, sizing to seat four to ten…the options seem endless. What Thanksgiving feast wouldn’t  look even better on any one of them?










Too Thin ?

September 6, 2013

In the case of this skinny take on the classic Parsons table it couldn’t get any thinner.  The original, designed by Jean-Michel Frank in the 1930’s has taken on an almost weightless quality in the hands of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. The genius of the honeycombed steel sandwich sheathed in veneer brings the near impossible to life in his Slim Table. Available in over thirty wood and colored lacquer finishes with sizes ranging from 50″ square to rectangles up to 110″ there is sure to be one to fill your desire as either a breakfast table, formal dining table or executive desk. There is nothing like anchoring a beautiful interior with a classic silhouette possessing such a stellar pedigree. And, don’t fret about the chair selection…something this simplequietmodern will elevate any chair, stool or bench to another level entirely.