What’s a floppy?

January 8, 2015

It was cutting edge at the time and I splurged to get this, the higher end of the two models introduced…a Sony Mavica digital camera. And, it shot stills and video directly onto floppy disc (stop laughing). I’ve been using it right along and it has carried me through years of design projects and now this site. It might now be a modern dinosaur of technology but I love it. As I look forward to what will need capturing in this new year I can’t help thinking it might be a good time to step it up a bit. Enter the Sony Smartphone Partner. So small, it’s like a picture-taking monocle for your smart phone. What to do. One hand reminds me that if ” it ain’t broke”…while the other says “go for it”. While I try to decide, I wouldn’t say no if Sony offered one up for a test drive and review.






From the top down, Sony Mavica and floppy pic: gp

Sony Smartphone Partner photos: http://store.sony.com/smartphone-partner/cat-27-catid-All-Cyber-shot-Q-Series-Cameras;pgid=miN.qHJHECFSRpjhGcG.2zob0000h1yHsa0Z;sid=ullqe-l0OnZWe73ZiOMLf9l-djpUmCUXhLr6NkGt