Wise Investment

March 1, 2014

Happiness and good fortune by the bunch. For a couple of bucks you can’t beat an investment like that. Make that a twenty-dollar bill and spread it around to ten others and wait for the return on your investment. I’m guessing you won’t be waiting too long. Daffodils…the birthflower for March. You just can’t beat that shot of yellow, the gentle fragrance only they can provide…their foretelling that Winter is near its end. 



“Consider the Daffodil…

October 18, 2013

…and while you’re doing that I’ll be over here looking through your stuff”*   Seriously, if you want to see Daffodils in your world come Spring, the time to plant them is now. And to keep it simplequietmodern, forget the neat clusters in beds and borders and toss the bulbs by the handful across your lawn and plant them where they randomly fall. There they will naturalize into welcome drifts of the best yellow ever officially proclaiming the end of Winter.


*Jack Handy

wait . And, while Spring is taking it’s good ‘ol time getting here you might need to help things along. Some sunny yellow parrot tulips should do until the sun peaks out. Simple enough.yelprrtF

Daffodils…even after a mild winter, there is nothing quite like the arrival of daffoldils with their promise of rebirth and new beginnings. Can there be a more perfect yellow? The birth flower for March, they dot the near black and white late winter landscape with their electricity. Share a bunch with a friend to ensure  happiness and good fortune. A hot cross bun or two couldn’t hurt either…it is Lent after all.