Here’s the answer…

January 16, 2012

to my most asked question. “What color should I use to paint my______room?”. Well,  my go to inspiration that works every time…for any room…in any style…in any part of the country… is a simple kraft paper bag. That’s it. Simple. Have it color matched at your favorite paint supplier in your choice of finish and it will transform your space magically. I know it will work for you and I haven’t even seen your space…this solution is THAT good. Deep enough to be dramatic yet not so deep as to be viewed as ” too dark”, and the perfect neutral to compliment ANY color on the color wheel. Any.

Looking for a neutral that might be more modern? Pick up a stone, drop it in that bag and take that to the paint store for a color match. Bingo! Another successful choice.

Add a great textured linen (see the neutral thing happening here?) like Calvin Fabrics ECO Linen #8384 and you my friend are on your way.

2 Responses to “Here’s the answer…”

  1. JanetO Says:

    My kraft paper bags are nowhere as beautiful.

  2. My kind of colors….

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