Getting Started

December 7, 2017

Like it or not, it’s the holidays. Get out that pen and pad and start that list. Committing to paper will organize and simplify the tasks of shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining, while every slash through an item accomplished will bring you that much closer to a Merry Christmas. Start with your personal traditions, add or subtract as you go, and keep your eyes and ears open for new inspiration and simple solutions. Three weeks to go…better get started.

From the top:

You can’t beat free. The last of my yard clean- up yielded perfect white pine cones to fill up a bowl or  adorn a wrapped package. An added bonus…several birds nests to add to the mix.

Quince. A pot of Quince Paste simmering on the stove while decorating the house…a little holiday multi tasking.

An edited selection of vintage tree ornaments sets the color story. Have I mentioned I’m still into pink? The addition of more pink…flowers, wrapping or even the blush of a champagne cocktail can only help with an additional rosy glow.

If they were put away neatly you wouldn’t have a tangled mess. That said, a few lights are in order.

The addition of loose woven cotton metallic ribbon, also in pink, or maybe a simple spattered spritz of rose gold paint will elevate the simplequietmodern wrapping of newsprint or kraft paper. Ribbon photo:

A few more ideas can be found here:

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Here’s the answer…

January 16, 2012

to my most asked question. “What color should I use to paint my______room?”. Well,  my go to inspiration that works every time…for any room…in any style…in any part of the country… is a simple kraft paper bag. That’s it. Simple. Have it color matched at your favorite paint supplier in your choice of finish and it will transform your space magically. I know it will work for you and I haven’t even seen your space…this solution is THAT good. Deep enough to be dramatic yet not so deep as to be viewed as ” too dark”, and the perfect neutral to compliment ANY color on the color wheel. Any.

Looking for a neutral that might be more modern? Pick up a stone, drop it in that bag and take that to the paint store for a color match. Bingo! Another successful choice.

Add a great textured linen (see the neutral thing happening here?) like Calvin Fabrics ECO Linen #8384 and you my friend are on your way.