Warm days, blue skies and cool water…

March 24, 2012

can easily become the catalyst for your next interior design project, as this lake side residence illustrates. Pulling the outdoor colors in visually expands this space, blurring the confines of walls and windows. Crucial editing of furniture and accessories keeps the room’s design lean and modern…even when occupied by family and friends, the dog and that growing  pile of mail.

One Response to “Warm days, blue skies and cool water…”

  1. Neena Gober Says:

    Chairs are my passion. I have mix from Hayward-Wakefield(rocker), to unknown designers of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Two of my four pressed back chairs are at my sisters house. Allowing her to “borrow” them kept them out of storage and she uses them daily as do I.Plus I feel connected to her by us both having a pair. My son found an English chair along with another chair that he got for $30.00. I took an upholstery class and I am longing to get started on picking out fabric. My favorite is a hand block print from Spain that I paid $70.00 a yard for 10 years ago that is on an antique rocker.

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