Just Right

March 3, 2014

You’ve looked everywhere and have had no luck finding the perfect lamp. A lamp is a lamp right? You’d think so, but not when you’re trying to find something that has the right sensibility for an interior you’ve put your heart and soul into. And something with the quality and luxe you have come to expect from every other piece you have already purchased. Now is not the time to settle. Enter Porta Romana. Large or small, short or tall…they have you covered. Molten forms of Czech glass in shades from brights to watery neutrals, there is something to put the crowning touch wherever it’s needed…a pair flanking an Ed Wormley sofa or a single to illuminate the surface of the Saarinen table you are using as your desk. All reflecting the modern style of the middle of the last century without any of the kitsch. If you decide to say you found them at a great garage sale in Beverly Hills, well, that secret is safe with me.PortaR_GLB60-ASH





all  photos via http://www.portaromana.co.uk/north-america/glass-perspex-lamps

Five Easy Pieces

April 12, 2012

OK…this is where you start. An empty room…and add five easy pieces. In this case;  1.   a sofa    2.   a lounge chair  3.    a coffee table    4 . an end table &   5.  an occassional chair or two.  This will kick things off with plenty of places to sit for  you and your guests as well as a place to set your coffee or cocktail. Whether it’s a group of classic mid-century designs as illustrated or assorted hand-me-downs of various degrees of style or vintage this formula establishes a strong base to which you can add and embellish…or keep it simple and modern.

can easily become the catalyst for your next interior design project, as this lake side residence illustrates. Pulling the outdoor colors in visually expands this space, blurring the confines of walls and windows. Crucial editing of furniture and accessories keeps the room’s design lean and modern…even when occupied by family and friends, the dog and that growing  pile of mail.