Yellow or Pink?

April 1, 2012

I can’t decide. Maybe both. This year just seems like a pink and yellow Easter…maybe  it was the early spring and the blasts of pink and yellow blossoms around every corner…maybe I just like the way pink and yellow make a modern statement when placed in a neutral setting. These artful ovoids were easy enough. A literal drop of old school food coloring in a cup of HOT water with a splash of vinegar. Partially submerge your hard-boiled eggs…remove carefully. Done.

2 Responses to “Yellow or Pink?”

  1. cauchy09 Says:

    oh, yellow, of course! but there are always MORE colors. :o)

  2. We made exactly the same eggs this year…slightly different colors, but the same design. We have a “competition” on egg design each Easter. I always win! 🙂 Ok, most of the time!

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