Chemex…modern then,

February 6, 2013

modern now. The simplequietmodern way to a great cup (or two if you have the time).You love it when they offer you a “pour over” at Starbucks…well, Chemex has been offering that tasty option since it’s introduction in1942.Included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian, the Chemex Coffee Maker has found its permanent home in the annals of  modern and industrial design. Why a Keurig when this can do the trick at a fraction of the price and without the  landfill waste that comes along with it… plastic pods, cardboard packaging, etc?   So go grab yourself a bag of beans…it might just be time to revisit this timeless symbol of gracious living and brew yourself a cup.Chemexhistory_schlumbohm_07_largeChemexhistory_sugar_01_large

2 Responses to “Chemex…modern then,”

  1. janny Says:

    I had one in college and loved it. Although, everyone on my floor in the dorm would knock on my door for a cup.

  2. sara Says:

    My parents had one, and I have been looking to replace our trusted old ‘Monsieur Coffee’ for some time. Thanks G. for reminding me.
    ps. Kuerigs are simply dreadful on SO many levels!

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