Cupid Cooks

February 9, 2013

OK, here’s the plan. After a quick trip for a well priced Brut Rose’, start with Gougere, always the perfect accompaniment to a dry sparkling wine. Follow with a dinner of  roast cornish game hen, orzo with peas and mint and finish with an Afogatto of coffee ice cream topped with espresso and some toasted almonds ( or, as shown here,with a shard of  Brulee Almond Brittle) for dessert. The Gougere can be made the weekend prior and frozen until needed. Roast the game hens while you’re making the orzo over a glass or two of wine.  Now, how simple was that? A  mid-week celebration that took no more time than a regular weeknight dinner.brtroseFgougepltTWOF

3 Responses to “Cupid Cooks”

  1. Phillip Says:

    Omg I’m so hungry now. 12 36 am and I’m not quite settled down from the Grammy show – why did I read this blog so late? I’m starving now and wired! Thanks mr petty! Love reading your blog- night or day! 😉

  2. sara Says:

    Divine, simple, and it promises to be delicious.
    Sending Cupid’s arrow straight to the heart of your kitchen. xoxo

  3. Anat Rodan Says:

    Yummy, I love simple but sophisticated meals. Thanks for sharing.

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