C’mon…bring it.

February 26, 2013

Imagine coming home after a day of fighting traffic during the latest of winter storms only to find your mailbox has been catapulted into the neighboring property in an explosive shower of cedar shards and shredded envelopes. That snowplow must have been really gunning for my old standby who had been quietly receiving snail mail and parcels for decades. I now found myself in the market for a NEW mailbox…something with style that suits the mid-century sensibility of my home… while at the same time being able to stand up to the bullies behind the wheel or those out for a joyride wielding an aluminum bat. Jonathan Duke at Steel House Mfg. in Austin, Texas got it right with both the MB1 and MB2.  simplequietmodern solutions that almost whisper…”You want some of this?”Gardenistamain_hero_fullwidth_height_700_steel-mfg-post-box-412Copy of il_570xN_350638275

Images by Steel House Mfg.


2 Responses to “C’mon…bring it.”

  1. casetay1952 Says:

    Handsome and understated!

  2. Anat Rodan Says:

    Very cool, modern and clean. We did something similar with the numbers of our address and we love it.

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