Who wants pie?

February 24, 2013

It held me in good stead as a decorative object from early fall right through the holidays. Now this gorgeous Winter squash, the Hubbard, is about to be transformed into a simple comforting treat. This recipe for Brown Sugar Hubbard Squash Pie claims to be heartier and more flavorful than canned pumpkin, but equally creamy. Even with the added process of cutting this monster up and baking it off into the master roasted squash puree could not have been simpler or more economical.  One finished pie down and there is enough puree to freeze that will make 4 more or anything else you can conjure that requires cooked squash…Gnochi, Soup, Lasagna?  That said, the end result looks fantastic. I think it’s time to put on some coffee and start cuttin’. Copy of hbbrdsqsh2FCopy of bkdHbbrd2FpiePrepFpiePourF



5 Responses to “Who wants pie?”

  1. sclues Says:

    that pie looks amazing!

  2. (bjohn) Says:

    save me a piece, please!

  3. cauchy09 Says:

    mmm…nom nom nom.

    • gp Says:

      Hey C~ Thanks for the comment! I have to admit…this pie looks fantastic. Considering I can usually pass on pumpkin pie, this seemed a bit better, richer flavor, smoother texture. I shared it, but managed a piece for myself, plus a have puree’ in the freezer for something else.

      How are you doing? I’m sure the waiting hasn’t been easy. Is the memorial soon? I’ve been thinking about you and I’m sending all good thoughts your way.

      Be well.


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