Three ingredients…count ’em

April 25, 2013

three , plus the simplest vinaigrette. Celery Salad .  Unbelievably simple…just celery, dates and almonds…tossed with a basic lemon/olive oil vinaigrette. Green, fresh, crunchy, tart and sweet…it covers a lot of bases and it is so simple it almost begs for an alteration if the need should arise. No almonds? How about hazelnuts. Dried cherries or raisins instead of the dates?…why not? Even the addition of some crumbled blue cheese would be a welcome addition here. And, it’s as easy to make a single serving as to adjust the amounts  up if you’re serving a group.cel_lemn_dat3FcelersaldFcelerysaladrecipe


4 Responses to “Three ingredients…count ’em”

  1. sharon Says:

    what a great salad … and timely, since I’m looking at trying a raw vegan diet next week!!
    thank you 🙂

  2. anatrodan Says:

    Mmm… looks so yummy.

  3. Yummmy! I can almost taste the freshness!

  4. sara Says:

    I love crunchy salads with nuts. This sounds great.

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