H is for…

April 28, 2013

Hermes Paris. We are all familiar with the scarves and many covet the Birkin Bag. Classic…luxurious. But wallpaper? This wall covering, OP, from the Hermes archives could not be any more simplequietmodern. A design inspiration since the 1950’s , now might be the time to let it inspire you.  As a background to support some classic mid-century furniture or used as a surprising detail lining the interior of your closet or the drawers of a modern chest, this elegant pattern of stacked Hs is sure to satisfy your modernist bent.Herm_stone214003_M02_proportional_1000x1000_q90Herm_brwn_214003_M05_proportional_1000x1000_q90 

I love these neutrals, but, how gorgeous would this be in charcoal?


One Response to “H is for…”

  1. Would love the charcoal …

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