Cheep Thrills

June 5, 2013

Nothing gives me as much pleasure for no cost and so little effort as recycling. I know everyone says they do it, but really…do they? Even if you’ve dragged the bins to the curb for pick up did you have a feeling that they went into the same pile as the rest of the trash? Well, I did.  Recently my township issued passes to the local landfill allowing us to go directly to the site and deposit our recyclables. I was surprised to see the many types of materials that are recycled that I was unaware of. Once I got into the swing of it I made it a weekly part of my scheduling that I look forward to. It ends up, after composting or burning the residual organic disposables, I’ve little left for the trash man to collect. That should help green things up…if just a little.lgbottlFclrbottlsF

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