Friendly Reminder

December 5, 2018

As your gift purchases from cyber week start arriving, don’t forget to save that packing material. In a few weeks they’ll come in handy when those gifts need to be wrapped. The addition of some found objects, simple cord, repurposed ribbon or the most restrained spritz of metallic or color is all that’s needed to create a distinctive presentation that is cost-effective, ecologically beneficial and best of all free.

photos: gp



Cheep Thrills

June 5, 2013

Nothing gives me as much pleasure for no cost and so little effort as recycling. I know everyone says they do it, but really…do they? Even if you’ve dragged the bins to the curb for pick up did you have a feeling that they went into the same pile as the rest of the trash? Well, I did.  Recently my township issued passes to the local landfill allowing us to go directly to the site and deposit our recyclables. I was surprised to see the many types of materials that are recycled that I was unaware of. Once I got into the swing of it I made it a weekly part of my scheduling that I look forward to. It ends up, after composting or burning the residual organic disposables, I’ve little left for the trash man to collect. That should help green things up…if just a little.lgbottlFclrbottlsF