White Prosecco Sangria

June 21, 2013

Perfect for any hot summer day and readily adaptable to what the fruit stand has to offer, this simplequietmodern White Prosecco Sangria might just be your “go to” beverage this summer. Easily made by the glass or by the pitcher full the key ingredients here are all white light and sunny. White peaches, nectarines and golden raspberries…a splash of peach schnapps…all topped off with bubbly Prosecco….done and done.pchNECTgldnrasp2FwhtSangriaWfrut4F

2 Responses to “White Prosecco Sangria”

  1. sclues Says:

    despite the freezing cold weather we’re currently experiencing, I think I’d like a glass of this right now 🙂

  2. Had this for the first time while traveling in Italy. The bartender mixed it with white peaches and peach liqueur and it was divine! Have been trying to replicate it at home ever since, but I guess we still need to get out International Bar-tending Awards in line before we can match it.

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