Fair Warning

July 17, 2013

Not exactly Christmas in July, just a little heads up.  Now’s the time to start scouting every flea market, garage sale, and church rummage sale you run across. Start early, grab your coffee “to go” and get a great jump on that collection of vintage ornaments you always dreamt of having. The problem has always been that you don’t give it a thought until you’re about to set out to buy the tree in December…then, hind sight is 20/20 vision. So take a few bucks and invest an hour or two on Saturday morning and get your collection started with a few nostalgic pieces. Who knows? You might even run into some 50’s-60’s glassware that would make a kitschy gift for someone special. Two birds…one stone.





4 Responses to “Fair Warning”

  1. Lauréus Says:

    the early bird catch …..

  2. Jeff Copeland Says:

    Love vintage Christmas ornaments! But I have too many. Do you want mine?

  3. Linda Says:

    That 2nd photo! I have the same wire bell with green “beads”!!!
    Always imagined it was a one off.

    Let’s get to Jeff’s and shop – I’ll pick up the coffees. 🙂

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