Fair Warning

July 17, 2013

Not exactly Christmas in July, just a little heads up.  Now’s the time to start scouting every flea market, garage sale, and church rummage sale you run across. Start early, grab your coffee “to go” and get a great jump on that collection of vintage ornaments you always dreamt of having. The problem has always been that you don’t give it a thought until you’re about to set out to buy the tree in December…then, hind sight is 20/20 vision. So take a few bucks and invest an hour or two on Saturday morning and get your collection started with a few nostalgic pieces. Who knows? You might even run into some 50’s-60’s glassware that would make a kitschy gift for someone special. Two birds…one stone.





Hindsight, as they say…

November 5, 2012

is 20/20 vision. If you could see that clearly you would have been gathering up the vintage glass ornaments and trims of years past from your wish list during the seasons where Christmas was the last thing on your mind. Now that  the “crunch” is clearly visible ,  time available to scour the local flea markets and antique shops is narrowing or non-existent. Enter Plan B, like this vintage inspired wreath from Terrain,  created from an assortmnent of ornaments that recall your fondest memories of Christmases that have come and gone. Perfect… the look you want…now, and an anchor for all of the new (old) pieces you’ll be scouting out starting in January. Right? Or are we going to go through this again next year?


Feeling a little Hollywood Regency?  These bottle brush trees can help you capture that…perfect for that MidCentury Christmas feel. Spot a few around, turn up the Dean Martin Christmas album and transport yourself to 1966. Ahhh, swanky.