Three Bags Full

February 23, 2015

Not wool, but newsprint yarn spun during last winters onslaught to ward off cabin madness. Now what? A starting swatch alone provided great textural interest…the addition of sisal twine added more. Then some manipulated copies brought things back to the original two-dimensional roots of the original newsprint sheet. Adjustment to scale might be next. Go big or go home? Yeah, that sounds right.

Copy of bagfulF








photos: gp

5 Responses to “Three Bags Full”

  1. cauchy09 Says:

    i’m still intrigued and excited by this project! more more more!

  2. sclues Says:

    wow, that looks AMAZING!!

  3. Janie Friend Says:

    Very cool. Did you do this? Great texture !

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  4. anatrodan Says:

    I love it, what ever you choose to make from it.

  5. Dianne Rosenberg Says:

    Will you teach me to knit with this?

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