May 7, 2013

Crazy Chocolate Cake to be more accurate. About the only crazy thing I recognize , other than there are no eggs in this cake, is the fact that I have never had a can of cocoa powder in my kitchen… ever. I have never cooked or baked with it but decided that I needed to give it a try when I saw this recipe ( and several others that were near identicle) and read the raves. In true simplequietmodern  fashion it went together quickly with a bowl and a wooden spoon…no power appliances needed. Who’s going to argue with a deep rich chocolate cake made from scratch?  The frosting? What do you think?  Something white and fluffy like a Seven Minute Frosting or more chocolate like a Sour Cream Ganache? For now I think I’ll go with a little whipped cream and some berries.crzychocDRY2FcrzychocWwetFcrzychocpourFcrzychocbkd2AFStrwbrry2AF

For the recipe go here: and if you’d like to trick it out for a special occasion go here:

Speaking of…

January 4, 2013

time, OMG…one year of sqm come and gone. Yep, simplequietmodern is one year old today. Someone once said that ” If you genuinely have something to say, there is someone out there who genuinely needs to hear it”. That’s pretty simple. Apparently I spoke and you listened…I’m so very grateful…for that, and most especially for  my new friends around the world who have touched me with their inspiration, their support, their kind words. I have received every compliment humbly, felt every hug, laughed out loud when it was needed the most. I hope I am able to do likewise for you. Thank You. Now, let’s get back to the business of living life simplequietmodern. Hey, should we be having cake?sprk2aFKirstenChocCkw_stwbrrieswhtWntrPrrtsF

Cake and photo courtesy of Kirsten Johnstone

OK, and maybe some flowers.