A Little Needed Comfort

October 27, 2015

Between Halloween, Dia los Muertos and turning the clocks back, this weekend might just have you craving or needing a little comfort food. My simplequietmodern shortcut for Pork with Green Chilis and Potatoes to the rescue. A slow cooked New Texican stew served up over rice or folded into tortillas might be just what’s needed to fight that candy corn hangover.





pork_green Chili_pot_rec prk_stwFadj




My business partner and I represented American artist Rico Zermeno (of Nice, France) at our Taylor~Gratzer Gallery in Los Angeles. During one of his summer visits to LA, Rico shared his recipe for this pasta  that I quickly named Les Spaghettis aux herbes et ail… ( his being from France after all). This is the easiest, most forgiving recipe ever and never fails to please. It has been the “go to”  spring/summer recipe for me and at the time had filled the bellies of any and all types of  Hollywood’s movie/TV stars, artists, agents, designers and aspiring whatevers. It’s is just good…by itself with some red wine and a nice baguette or with the addition of some grilled meat, sausages or fish. Try it …like it…love it.