Turning Back the Clock

November 6, 2017

Daylight Saving Time just messes with me. The simple act of turning the clocks back each Fall seems simple enough, but the darkness that descends is just too much too early. It’s as if there is no longer a difference between AM and PM…it’s all the same…dark. Maybe that’s why breakfast for dinner is popular with so many. While pancakes or eggs might satisfy some, it’s not as comforting as I’d like after a long day. Enter the perfect mash-up of breakfast and supper…Pasta Carbonara. A simple combination of a few pantry staples; bacon and eggs, half and half, Parmesan and Italian parsley tossed with hot spaghetti has dinner on the table in as little time as it takes the pasta to cook. Now we’re talking. I’m feeling better about the time change already.

I tweeked this already simple recipe from Everyday Food, https://www.marthastewart.com/341240/spaghetti-carbonara, by using the great smoky Black Forest bacon from Whole Foods Market and halving the amount then adding a handful of coarsely chopped Italian parsley. Guess what just moved up into my Fall and Winter recipe rotation?

photos: gp



Fallen Back?

November 1, 2015

Now what? Dark as night before you’ve even started your journey home at the end of the day and you still have to take your best bud out for a walk when you get there. You can make short work of slicing through the night with the award winning M Lamp and its warm, dimmable LED light. Back inside you’ll find endless uses for it as well.



Photo: http://shop.juniper-design.com/m-lamp


A Little Needed Comfort

October 27, 2015

Between Halloween, Dia los Muertos and turning the clocks back, this weekend might just have you craving or needing a little comfort food. My simplequietmodern shortcut for Pork with Green Chilis and Potatoes to the rescue. A slow cooked New Texican stew served up over rice or folded into tortillas might be just what’s needed to fight that candy corn hangover.





pork_green Chili_pot_rec prk_stwFadj




Night Shift

November 7, 2014

Still adjusting  to “falling back” with the Autumn shift to Daylight Savings Time? It’s hard to believe how dark it is once you arrive home after a full day. And yet, there is still a lot of evening left, and plenty to do before hitting the hay. You’re halfway there if you can tackle some reading, work  up some holiday to-do lists or do a little online shopping while propped comfortably in bed. Add the perfect over the shoulder bedside lighting and you are good to go. My pick ?…either of these beautiful mid-century pieces by master of  lighting design, Serge Mouille.




Top photo: http://www.sergemouilleusa.com/Serge-Mouille-One-Arm-Double-Swivel-Sconce.php

Bottom photo: http://cabbagerose.tumblr.com/page/9


What a difference…

November 2, 2013

an hour can make.  It’s time to turn the clock back tonight which will find you in the dark come 5 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.  Coming home at the end of the day in the dark…to the dark…is a reminder of how long and dark Winter actually is. A simplequietmodern solution might come in a pendant light cord kit or two from Color Cord Company. Select from the amazing selection of cloth covered wire, plugs, line switches and sockets and add a bulb of your choice. Then, install your new fixture anywhere you might have the need for additional light. Add a shade or leave the bulb exposed…hardwire in or plug in and secure its location with a couple of screw hooks…this illuminating DIY will have things brightened up in no time. You can up the voltage on this project by making a cord selection of bright orange, red, hot pink or tourquoise or, stick to the classic neutrals of black, white, gray or brown. With 27 colors of cloth covered wire available by the foot, you might also be inspired to re-wire that vintage modern lamp you’ve just picked up.




Fall Back

November 2, 2012

Now we’re moving into the graying image that is Fall’s second act. Changing intensities of light, neutralized color,texture and material will be peaking my interests and guiding me creatively through the next two months. Turning the clock back an hour seems like a simple action, yet the very next day everything looks different…quiet somehow. A “palate cleanser” perhaps before we gear up for the holidays that lie ahead.

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